Social Media Video Content Creation


The Right Media & The Right Audience

Social media has proven to be one of the best tools out there for video marketing. From free accounts to paid advertising, social media is the perfect way to increase the visibility of your company.

There are lots of social media platforms available to businesses today, and the ones you use can play a major role in your social media marketing success. But with so many options out there, it's often hard to choose an area to prioritize. 


Factors like your industry, audience, and brand can all influence the network you use. A retailing or restaurant business, will likely use different platforms than a industrial or manufacturing business. Luckily, you can stick with just a few platforms and still get that optimal reach that social media provides. That’s why it’s essential to not only know the various social media networks available to your business, but also how they function for different sectors, audiences, and more.

Here's an overview of the five main social media sites and which markets they best serve.



Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Facebook is a far-reaching platform that has users all over the world. Businesses can choose from a variety of options, including professional pages, paid post promotion, and native advertising. As a result, you can find just about anyone on Facebook. That means almost everyone in your customer base has a Facebook account.

You can share behind-the-scenes looks at your company, new deals on your services, and more by creating a Facebook page.

Photos, contests, questions, videos, and other short posts work exceptionally well on Facebook. You can also use text updates to keep your followers informed, but they won’t perform as well as your photos or videos. And you can always use your Facebook to promote new content that you’ve created to get visitors to your site. 



Instagram has a relatively large following and has been around for several years, and has a primary audience of millennial's and teens, but Instagram's international following is similar to that of Facebook.

Instagram tends to have a bigger following in urban areas, meaning companies that focus on fashion or digital tech will usually do better than companies focused on agriculture or home-building. Although that’s not to say you still can’t find success if you’re not a young, trendy company.


The distinguishing factor on Instagram is its reliance on pictures; to be successful on this platform, you must produce high-quality images and video content. This is difficult for many businesses, but it's worth it in the end. Instagram also offers paid advertising options.



The most business-oriented form of social media, it’s a thriving community of workers and business owners who share and connect on a professional level, making it much more formal than other social media platforms.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other businesses and professionals. It's an older platform that relies less on media content and more on text-based updates.


While LinkedIn is a great place to form connections and find employees, it's not the best platform for large-scale marketing or gimmicky campaigns. It is, however, perfect for B2B small businesses and niches.



Before we begin, we will work with you to establish the goals and objectives that our social ad management efforts must support. If you’ve previously run ads, we’ll conduct an audit of your social media ad efforts to establish benchmarks and baselines so we can share with you how our ad management efforts have performed.

Social media advertising allows you to target the searcher, not the search term, opening pathways to expand your audience in an entirely new way.



It is a place to share or “pin” different visual content so that other people can see it. This is a photo sharing and visual bookmarking social media site or app that enables you to find new ideas for your projects and save them, which means practically any company can find at least part of their niche on this social network.


It’s a great place to promote new visual content you create. It has several hundred million users every month, and some of them are bound to be interested in what you have to offer.



YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, when it comes to content since so many people use it. Music, comedy are among the most know ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it professionally. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Product reviews, instructional videos, and similar kinds of content do exceptionally well on YouTube, especially when you’re educating part of your target market.


Once you make a video, it will start to show up in Google, Bing and YouTube search results, which will be very helpful promoting your brand and products on your other social accounts. When your customers want to learn, YouTube is a great strategy.






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